Anger As Drunken England Fans Throw Beer Over Boat Passengers And Chuck Bike In Canal

England fans have caused outrage in Amsterdam after footage has emerged of chucking beer over boat passengers and throwing a bike into a river.

The Three Lions take on Netherlands on Friday night at the Johan Cruyff Arena and hundreds of fans have travelled over early.

Videos posted to social media today show of a group of England supporters on a bridge in the heart of Amsterdam chanting as a canal boat approaches.

As the roofless boat passes underneath, the fans chuck their beer all over the passengers.

One supporter then picks up a bike that is leaned up on the bridge and throws it into the canal.

Viewers have replied in anger to the video – which has been posted as taking place today – with one describing the fans’ actions as a “National embarrassment.”.

Another supporter added: “Imagine that bike owner turning up with their kid, it had a child seat, has to get that young kiddie back home somehow, cos of toss w****.”