Boy, 5, suffers seizure after being given drug while trick-or-treating

A five-year-old boy suffered a seizure after someone gave him meth during an afternoon of trick-or-treating.

Mum Julia Pence, from Mount Gilead in Ohio, US, has warned other parents after her son Braylen accidentally consumed the Class A drug while going door-to-door asking for Halloween sweets with his dad.

The child was rushed to hospital where his urine samples tested positive for the highly addictive and dangerous substance, better known as Crystal Meth.

The 25-year-old arrived at the hospital to find Braylen disorientated and aggressive.

The mum-of-two said: ‘He was disorientated. He didn’t know who he was or where he was.

‘You could tell at the hospital that he was real high from whatever he ingested. He was really wired and kind of aggressive.’

Braylen, who was dressed as a blue ninja, had enjoyed an hour-and-a-half of trick or treating on 28 October with his father Cambray Carwell.

Julia said: ‘When they came inside, my son had a seizure and he couldn’t feel his left arm.

‘Cambray took him to Galion Hospital and doctors gave him a CT scan and checked his urine. It tested positive for methamphetamine.’

Julia and Cambray, 24, who have both struggled with addiction, are now sober.

Julia, who works at a petrol station, said: ‘You never expect something like that to happen to your child. I just hope that we can find out where it came from.

‘I will never let my kids go trick or treating again.’

She said that police confiscated Braylen’s candy and a set of vampire teeth he had been given, which was wearing just before his seizure.

She said: ‘The candy and the teeth are going to a crime lab. We are waiting for the toxicology report.

‘I want to warn other mothers to be aware of what their kids are being given when they go trick or treating.’

The family left the hospital late Sunday night after doctors monitored Braylen for seven hours.

Julia thanked friends and family for their support in a Facebook post and added that she was lucky her son was safe.

She wrote: ‘Thank you for those who have spread the word, your concerns for my son and the positive feedback.

‘I never thought this would happen to my child, but this is real and there are sick people in this world.

‘I’m counting my blessings because it could have been a lot worse or something stronger.

‘My baby sure has been a trooper through this whole thing.’

Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield said: ‘This is an oddity. This is not something that happens all the time.’