Brits Prepare For “White Easter” As SNOW MAP Released

Brits are set to face a chilly White Easter next weekend as a third ‘Beast from the East’ will send temperatures plummeting. A blast of bitter air from the Arctic is expected to sweep through Britain during the run-up to the holiday as high pressure builds north of the country. This could allow icy, cold winds to plunge across the UK, increasing the chance of snow falling for the third time this year.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madje said: “There’s a strong indication that temperatures are set to drop over the next week and it will be colder in places. There is a chance of snow in higher areas but we can’t rule out lower areas either. There is more likelihood of snow in the North East, East Midlands and East of Scotland.”

The UK has been left shivering over the past few weeks as freezing snaps have crippled parts of the country with heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures. The first of these sub zero spells was dubbed the Beast from the East, and was followed by a second, ‘mini beast’ last weekend. The bitter Siberian air triggered widespread travel chaos and numerous severe weather warnings.