Brits Warned Get Ready For More Snow As -9C Arctic Blast Set To Bring White Easter

BRITS are bracing for a Beast from the North East to batter the country over the Easter bank holiday, amid warnings of snow and wintry showers on the way.

Meteorologists are confident the country will shiver once more in unseasonably cold weather as a “potentially chilly Easter” is looking on the cards.

A BBC weatherman said: “We’ve been looking at the weather for the Easter period and it looks like it could turn cold again.

“Some computer models are suggesting that we are going to have a blast of cold Arctic air so obviously wind’s coming in from the north.

“So in this situation we do tend to get snow across northern Britain and there could even be wintry showers further south as well.

“That’s one suggestion. Today some of the computer models were showing that actually some of the cold air could be coming in from Scandinavia and parts of Russia which is almost a Beast from the East, not quite, let’s call it a Beast from the North East.

“Now this could still wobble a little bit but one thing we are getting increasingly confident about it that the air is not going to be coming from the south so get ready for a potentially chilly Easter.”