Bus Driver Took Pregnant Mum On-Board To Hospital Says It Was Like ‘Scene Out Of Casualty’

A bus driver who drove a pregnant woman who had fallen ill to hospital has described the experience as like ‘a scene out of Casualty’.

Les Roome, 52, was driving a bus from Carlton to the city centre on Thursday morning, when a pregnant passenger fell ill at around 7.15am.

The woman had wanted to get off at George Street to go to work, but blacked out for a few minutes.

Mr Roome immediately rang Nottingham City Transport duty inspector, Andy Maltby, who informed him to clear the bus and then take the woman to A&E at the Queen’s Medical Centre, where the passenger was treated.

Mr Roome said: “I was very nervous. I pulled up into Parliament Street, just outside Wilko, and then a lady came to the front of the bus and took a funny turn. A friend had hold of her and I jumped out of the cabin, and managed to get her sat down.

“Andy, in the control room, said, ‘Right, take the bus straight to A&E’. That was Andy on the radio. I had to ask him twice to get confirmation.

“The people on the bus deserve credit as well as they moved off quickly.”

Mr Roome then drove the passenger, Rachel Thompson, to the Queen’s Medical Centre along with her neighbour and friend, Sue Cowley.

He added: “The best thing about it was the neighbour, Sue, went to get the nurses and when they came on the bus they said, ‘God, it’s like a scene out of Casualty’. That brightened it up.”