Coronation Street Icon Returns From The DEAD – And There’s A Sinister TWIST

Coronation Street saw the return of a much-loved character – sort of. In tonight’s episode, Roy Cropper decided to get to the bottom Coronation Street cast newbie Rosemary Piper’s alleged psychic abilities. She arrived in Weatherfield and got to work on Audrey and Gail, though not everything was as it seemed.  Audrey, originally a believer, changed her tune when she realised everything Rosemary told her was public knowledge or a good guess. Gail, on the other hand, was the other way around, being a skeptic originally, before beginning to believe what Rosemary said.

To help his friend, Roy offered to speak to Rosemary to see if she could connect to anyone from his life. Rosemary said she got someone coming through to her, saying: “It’s a man. Or it could be a woman” and viewers were expecting the late Hayley Cropper to come through.  As Rosemary continued her deception, she confirmed it was in fact a woman she was speaking to and it was Roy’s wife. But he said: “Is it? I’d considered removing my wedding ring, but I didn’t want to leave you entirely helpless.”

Suddenly Rosemary’s mood changed, as she said: “Your wedding ring didn’t tell me your wife was dead. I’m sorry, I refuse to work under these conditions.” Roy pressed Rosemary to give him the name of whoever she was speaking to, but she refused and ran off. Audrey told her: “I don’t want to fall out with you, but you need to stop seeing my daughter. It’s not doing her any good.” But with Rosemary clearly up to something, will everything end in tears?