Daffodils Left At Jade Goody’s Grave On Ninth Anniversary Of Her Death

Nine years to the day after the tragic death of Jade Goody, her lonely grave lies neglected and run-down at the edge of a cemetery in Epping, Essex.

A rotting plant, a wilting flower and six empty plant pots adorn the dilapidated grave stone, while the writing has eroded to the point of being almost indecipherable in places.

However, the mother-of-two, whose sons Bobby, 14, and Freddie, 13, are being raised by their dad Jeff Brazier, clearly still gets visitors, with a jar of fresh, seasonal daffodils having been laid by her resting place.

Nonetheless, the site chosen by Jade at Parish Church of St Thomas in Upshire looks a world away from how it did in 2010, just a year after she lost her battle with cervical cancer aged just 27.

Back then it was festooned with floral tributes, with bereft mum Jackiey Budden dutifully tending to the display.

In 2016, Jeff revealed he takes the boys to visit their mum’s grave every Christmas Day morning so that they don’t feel ‘guilty’ about enjoying the day.