Emmerdale SPOILERS – Charity’s Devastating Secret Revealed

We’ve heard rumours that a devastating secret from Charity Dingle’s past could be about to be revealed – and now it seems the whispers are true. Emmerdale insiders have confirmed that something HUGE is about to be revealed that will leave Charity – and new girlfriend Vanessa – reeling.

In a show spring preview it’s been confirmed that there’s trouble on the horizon for Vanity as Charity’s skeletons come flying out of her closet. But could their rocky road just make the cute couple stronger? According to insiders, Charity’s secret is something to do with her troubled past. It’s no secret that she had a difficult upbringing but this is something even bigger that Charity’s tried to block out. When she tells Vanessa the truth, she reveals her vulnerable side for the first time, leaving Ness bewildered at the change in her girlfriend.

It could leave Vanessa, and the viewers, with a better understanding of why Charity is as horrible as she is! It’s rumoured poor Charity could head off down a dark path as she tries to put the past to rest and face up to her troubled childhood. And she could even come face to face with someone she didn’t think she’d ever see again. “Charity has always been a hostile character but it will soon become clear why she might behave like she does,” a show insider revealed. “Will we see a softer side to Charity or will this dark secret send her deeper into her dark world?”