Emmerdale Viewers Left Outraged By Tonight’s “Unbelievable Scenes”

Emmerdale viewers were left shocked tonight after schoolgirls Gabby and Liv stole ketamine from the vets. The teens’ actions will have shocking consequences later in the week when they use the tranquilliser to try and spike Daz. Fans of the show weren’t happy with the girls showing off the recreational drug and a bottle of gin before the watershed, fearing it might influence kids watching at home.

They wrote on Twitter: “So Emmerdale appears to have just promoted schoolkids doing ketamine at 7:25 on a Monday evening. Unbelievable scenes.” Karen agreed: “Get those 2 drinking girls taught a lesson. So wrong to be showing this before watershed. How many kids will be stealing alcohol now!!! @emmerdale.” Another added: “#emmerdale gets worse Forever full of vile,thieving vodka addled kids. Oh now they think ketamine is going to make them look cool! Doubtful you idiots. And Charity,all over the vet, makes me want to vomit.”

Soph agreed: “lmfaoooooooo the kids on emmerdale getting off faces on ket, I’ve seen it all now”. The pair’s practical joke will go too far when Lisa ends up fighting for her life. Gabby is keen to get Daz out of her mum’s life and decides to spike his drink in The Woolpack. After coming across Vanessa’s unattended medical bag, Gabby and Liv stole a vial of of the drug – a horse tranquilliser that is also used as a recreational drug – and pour it into a pint on the bar. But the drink they’ve spiked isn’t Daz’s – it’s Lisa’s. What will happen next?