Ex Blue Peter Star Richard Bacon, 42, Diagnosed With ADHD

Former Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon has revealed he’s been diagnosed with ADHD.

The 42-year-old TV star, who now works in the US, discovered he had the disorder after he was prompted to go to the doctors when his behaviour cause his life to enter a tailspin.

Richard said that the ‘consequences’ all built up into something serious for both him and his family, with Richard explaining that a combination of ‘trivial’ matters and a hard-partying lifestyle made him feel like he was losing control.

‘I’d lose credit cards twice a week and my wallet, keys, passport and phone. It sounds trivial, but the consequences add up to something quite serious for your family,’ he told The Sun.

‘On top of that, I was going out too late and drinking too much.’

Speaking about the ‘pains and chaos’ that these things were beginning to cause, he revealed it’s been a ‘relief’ to get a diagnosis.

‘I’m so much better, I’m sleeping a lot better, only drinking a couple of times a week and a lot less,’ the former Big Breakfast star said.

He added that he believed the cocaine scandal which saw him axed from the BBC in 1998 wouldn’t have happened had he been diagnosed.

Richard lamented: ‘If I’d been diagnosed in my twenties the cocaine debacle wouldn’t have happened. But now I can change and be a good father and husband.’

Since then Richard’s career has recovered and he’s now based in Los Angeles where he has taken on roles on the shows Explorer and Top 30.