Fury Over Note Left On Ambulance

An A&E consultant who left an angry note on an ambulance after his car was blocked in has sparked fury among paramedics.

Zain Ali Kazmi returned to his ambulance to find the note pinned to the windscreen at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield.

He shared an image of the angry missive on Facebook and claimed the consultant should not have parked there in the first place.

It read: “Think about others before you block others car” and was signed “A&E Consultant”.

He wrote: “Came out of ED to find this! Another note on an ambulance this time from an A&E consultant outside A&E because he was blocked in a bay where he shouldn’t have parked himself!”

The paramedic later told the Huddersfield Examiner: “You don’t just leave a note on an ambulance. It’s not the way to deal with it.”