Gogglebox Star ‘To Join EastEnders’

SANDRA Martin has made a name for herself watching telly and now she wants a role in EastEnders.

The former Gogglebox star is determined to become an Albert Square regular and has even come up with a part for herself.

She told the Daily Star Sunday:  “I’ve been watching the soaps for 30 years and I love EastEnders.

“I’m addicted so bad that I’m always posting stuff online about it – my fans know that. So I’d love to be part of the show.

Sandra thinks she could play Patrick Trueman’s sister and work on a stall.

She continued: “If I joined the show I couldn’t be a villain. It’s not in my blood.

“Everybody who knows me knows I’m a nice girl. I couldn’t play a bad part.

“I’d want to play someone nice. I haven’t had any acting experience.

“But I was mentioned on the show once – there was a scene where one of the characters was joking around and said, ‘Have you got a date with Sandra from Gogglebox?’.

“So I know they must like me!”