Grandma, 93, Left In A Hospital Corridor for SIX DAYS soaked in her own urine

A 93-year-old grandma suffering from a spinal fracture spent six days in a hospital corridor wearing urine soaked clothes.

Enid Stevens described her ordeal as the ‘most degrading thing I have ever experienced’ after she was left out on a trolley, in a corridor at St James’s Hospital in Leeds.

The former theatre sister had waited six hours in A&E when she first arrived, only to be left on her own in a cubicle for another five hours in wet clothes.

The great-grandmother-of-five was unable to move on the trolley and had no way of alerting nurses so she was left helpless and soaked from her “waist down to her knees”.

Enid eventually got a bed on a ward for three days – but was then wheeled out and left in the corridor.

The great-grandmother, who worked in the NHS for 41 years and was awarded an MBE for her service, said: “It was the most terrible thing that has ever happened to me.

“I was soaked-through with urine in my clothes – it was like a nightmare.

“A nurse passed by so I asked her for some clean clothes but she never came back so I sat there for five hours wet-through.

”I worked in the NHS from the age of 18 until I retired when I was 59 and every second of that time I was stood up on my feet – I didn’t get an MBE for nothing.

“But I’m not blaming the hospital or the staff there – you have to see it for yourself.

“The place was absolutely heaving – as soon as you ask a nurse to do one thing she’s stopped by someone else to do something else.”