Horror Inside Dutch Parliament As Cannabis Activist Throws Himself Off Balcony

A pro-cannabis activist threw himself from a balcony with a rope around his neck inside the Dutch parliament in an apparent suicide attempt while MPs were in session.

Hans Kamperman had written on Facebook he had to ‘shake the politicians awake’ regarding forthcoming discussions on the laws surrounding cannabis.

De Telegraaf newspaper quoted eyewitnesses as saying Kamperman, 65, had been pacing about in an agitated state in the parliamentary building at The Hague before tying something to a railing and then jumping off.

A video shows a politician speaking in the House of Representatives before screams and gasps are heard as Kamperman falls from the balcony.

Dutch media report he has been taken to hospital and his condition is not known.

One witness said: “He had been camping in front of the House of Representatives for four weeks now, to draw attention to the legalization of soft drugs.”

Kamperman wrote on Facebook: “Forgive me this act, I have to do this to shake up politics. I can’t reach them with my message.

“Cannabis is criminalised while it can save the earth and be a medicine for many people. I’m doing this for earth, the people.”