Jamie Carragher Could Face JAIL Over Spitting Shame

JAMIE Carragher could face six years behind bars after spitting at a 14-year-old girl as her dad is pictured for the first time.

Andy Hughes, a die-hard Manchester United fan from Colwyn Bay, north Wales, filmed Carragher spitting at his daughter after his side beat Liverpool 2-1 at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Cops are now looking to quiz ex-England and Liverpool star Carragher, 40.
Spitting at someone is classed as common assault, punishable by a fine, community order or up to six months in prison.
Carragher, suspended from his £1million Sky Sports pundit role, has apologised for spitting at the young girl.
Mr Hughes, who claims on social media to “hate Scousers”, allegedly goaded Carragher over the result, saying “2-1, 2-1, unlucky Jamie lad” while laughing and filming him.

He could be fined £200 and get six penalty points for using a phone while at at the wheel.

Police are understood to have spoken to Mr Hughes about filming on his phone while behind the wheel today.

He has been slammed by road safety campaigners for filming the incident on his phone while driving.