Magician Dynamo Shocks As He is Pictured With A Severely Swollen Face

DYNAMO has been pictured with a severely swollen face after having treatment for Crohn’s disease.

The 34-year-magician was diagnosed with the incurable condition, which is a type of inflammatory bowel disease, as a teenager and had to have half his stomach removed aged 17.

Dymano, real name Steven Frayne, has previously spoken out about living with Crohn’s.

Although he admitted last year to suffering crippling pain every day because of the condition, he has never allowed it to hold him back.

He said in an interview with BT last November: “The pain is different for everyone who has it, but it’s excruciating for me.

“Still to this day I wake up every morning in pain, the first hour of my day is taken up, I’m usually on the toilet for a long time in pain, [with] stomach cramps, sometimes internal bleeding.

“I have different things that I do, like heat treatments and certain meditations to get myself in a comfortable position to feel ready to get dressed and face the world. And it is very restricting on diet.”

The condition means Dynamo is not allowed to eat gluten, dairy or fats and is not allowed to eat vegetables as they aggravate the condition.