Man, 46, With Wife, 19, Has ‘Pedo’ Written On His Van

A couple with a 27-year age gap have been forced to move away after neighbours scrawled ‘pedo’ across their van.

Beth Telford, 19 and partner Andy, 46, moved 170 miles away from North Wales to Nelson in Lancashire after receiving abusive comments from locals.

Andy, a bus driver, was branded a ‘pedo’ in their hometown of Llandudno, and after two years of abuse, the couple finally moved.

The pair have been together for three years and have two sons.

Beth, a stay-at-home mum, said: ‘The comments we have received have been really hurtful, and I hate seeing Andy so upset about what people have said about him.

‘Despite other people’s opinions we have stayed strong as a couple, and we are hoping that now we have moved and have a fresh start people will allow us to be happy in our relationship.

‘Andy is the love of my life, and an age difference doesn’t change that.’

The pair met in 2015, when Andy, who worked as a removal man, helped Beth’s mum Claire Downs, 47, move house.

Beth said: ‘I immediately fancied Andy. He was so a proper gentleman.

‘He was my mum’s friend and twice my age so I was worried what people might think. But I couldn’t control my feelings for him.’

Two weeks later, Beth asked Andy out on a date.