Michael McIntryre Fan Has To Leave Show And Go To Hospital After Laughing Too Much

MICHAEL McIntyre put a young fan in hospital when she laughed so much at his gags.

The comedian’s hilarious routine left Jessica Owen, 19, with excruciating chest pains.

She was forced to leave his show during the first half and headed to hospital for a check-up.

The teenager was diagnosed with an inflamed chest brought on by too much laughing.

She told the Sun: “It was pretty scary.”

Jessica was at the comedian’s gig at Plymouth Pavilions with boyfriend Aiden Edmonds when the pain hit.

She said: “My chest started to really hurt with sharp pains and my arm went numb.

We decided to leave ASAP and get it checked out at our local A&E.

“I had an ECG and was told my chest was inflamed from laughing too much.

“The doctor asked where I had been and he said: ‘It’s obvious what you’ve done… you’ve laughed too hard.’”

After making a full recovery, student Jessica contacted Michael, 42, on Facebook to tell him what happened.

And the comedian responded by offering tickets for another gig on his tour.