Norfolk Cliff-Top Homes Evacuated After Cliff Collapse

Cliff-top homes in danger of collapsing into the sea off the Norfolk coast remain in a “precarious position”, a council leader has said.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council leader Graham Plant said it was “too dangerous” for residents of 13 chalets close to the cliff edge to return.

The Coastguard said a shed and an oil tank fell into the sea at Hemsby as high winds and waves eroded the dunes.

One homeowner said it felt like an “earthquake” as the cliff gave way.

Mr Plant said the homes were being inspected after each high tide, but added it was unlikely residents could return home before Tuesday when he expected the weather to improve.

“It is a sad situation where people may lose their homes but the council will do its best to help residents,” he said.

The cliffs at Hemsby are made of sand which has suffered erosion over many years and the chalets are sited on privately-owned land.