One Born Every Minute Midwife ‘Cradled Newborn Girl Then Told Mum She’d Slept With Baby’s Dad

A midwife who appeared on One Born Every Minute had an alleged fling with a man whose partner she cared for during childbirth.

Joanne Lumsden worked at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, where she featured on the Channel 4 reality show and is understood to have delivered hundreds of women’s babies, but is accused of failing to declare a conflict of interest.

The mum, who asked not be identified by the said she is now ‘haunted’ by the thought of Lumsden holding her newborn daughter – after having had an affair with the baby’s father.

Shortly before Rachel (not her real name) discovered she was pregnant, her partner went on a “lads’ holiday” to Benidorm, where he met Ms Lumsden – who now faces ongoing disciplinary action and is no longer employed by the hospital.

When he returned from the holiday, Rachel told the Liverpool ECHO he started acting “strangely” and making excuses to miss scans and appointments related to the pregnancy.

Last summer, Rachel was admitted to the Women’s for a planned caesarian section – but her partner missed the birth of his first child.

Rachel believes this was due to fear of having his alleged affair with Ms Lumsden being exposed.

Rachel’s claims are detailed in an official complaint she made to the Women’s Hospital trust, which has been seen by the ECHO.

In Rachel’s letter of complaint, she claims Ms Lumsden cared for her and her newborn daughter – holding the baby and even inserting a suppository into Rachel’s rectum for pain relief.

Rachel said she feels ‘violated’ by what happened and that any happy memories of the birth of her daughter have been tainted.

The day after the birth, when Rachel’s partner had left the ward, Rachel claims Ms Lumsden revealed she met her partner in Benidorm, telling of how she had “rubbed suncream” into his back.

This revelation came just hours after Rachel had given birth, and while she was recovering from major surgery in hospital.

A week later, when a community midwife visited Rachel’s home, the new mum claims she broke down in tears and told her what had happened. Rachel claims Ms Lumsden later called her and revealed the details of the affair – while she was still under the care of Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

It is understood Ms Lumsden no longer works at the Women’s, and the community midwife is also the subject of disciplinary proceedings. The details of that disciplinary case are not known.

Rachel first sent her letter of complaint in November, after she finished breastfeeding and felt able to take the emotional strain.

This week the Trust apologised for her ordeal and informed her the complaint was upheld.