One Born Every Minute midwife who told mum she’d slept with baby’s father speaks out

A midwife who told a new mum she had been sleeping with the baby’s father is “dead against cheating” and now “in absolute bits,” according to pals.

Joanne Lumsden, who appeared on Channel 4 reality show One Born Every Minute, has been described as “lovely” by pals as they defended her on social media.

Last week, a new mum revealed Ms Lumsden told her she had been having an affair with her policeman partner while caring for her on the maternity ward.

She is now under investigation for allegedly failing to tell bosses about her fling.

However, friends have leapt to her defence, saying she is devastated by the whole thing.

One pal wrote on Facebook: “You(‘re) sl***ing the young girl off – There are two sides to a story and then the truth.

“I know for a fact the Jo is in absolute bits over this. And her family who are lovely people too.”

And another friend wrote: “I’ve been mates with this midwife for many years and she is the most lovely person ever.

“I can’t say exactly why she’s told the mother but I guess it’s due to the fact she’s dead against cheating.

“Maybe she thought the woman had the right to (know) what her fella was really like – Let’s be honest here he obviously knew he had a girl. How’s Joanne (meant) to (know)?”