Parents Pull Kids Out Of Lessons After Travellers Set Up Camp By School

Parents have pulled their kids from classes after travellers set up camp opposite their school. They decided to take action amid claims of concerns for safety after the group moved onto the site near The King’s School in Kidsgrove, Stoke.

Staff today confirmed a “very small” number of parents made the choice to keep their kids out of school. Pupils had been told to stay inside during break times when the group first arrived at the former sports centre last week, but are now allowed outside again under staff supervision. As an extra safety precaution pupils have also been told to use a different entrance to the school.

Staffordshire County Council – which owns the sports centre – is seeking a court order to try to evict the travellers. One worried mum said: “Mine didn’t go in to school on Friday as I rang the school to express my concerns.” County Councillor Mark Deaville, cabinet member for commercial said: “We are continuing to pursue an order through the courts to clear the site and have also been advising the school. Once the order is obtained, we will take steps to move the travellers on as soon as possible.”