Piers Morgan Announces He’s Leaving Good Morning Britain

PIERS Morgan has announced he’s taking ANOTHER break from Good Morning Britain.

The former newsman has confirmed today he is going to be off-air “for a little while” as the show moves to a new building.

During today’s show, Piers revealed it will be his last appearance on GMB for a while.

He also confirmed the show is being moved to a new building – and he can’t wait to be housed in a new studio.

Piers, 52, said: “I’m going away for a little while…”

He added of the studio move: “This morning when I got into the world’s worst lift someone said to me ‘Are you sad to be leaving?’

“And I said I’m about as sad as I am when I’m leaving the denist’s chair after having a root canal.”

Susanna Reid then jumped in to assure fans that Piers is not leaving the show permanently.

She said: “I just want to point out that he’s not leaving permanently, because when ever you [say things like this] there’s always a flurry of activity.”