Rush Hour DANGER: Snow & Ice To Cause Travel Chaos As WARNINGS Issued TODAY

ICY conditions brought by the “Beast from the East” are set to cling on for one more day.

Temperatures will hover at around 0C and 1C for most of the country into this morning.

The mercury will dip as low as -8C in parts of western Scotland.

It will be an icy start for most of the UK seeing slippery roads and pavements into the morning rush hour.

The Met Office yellow warning – which is in place until 9am today – covers the whole of England and Wales.It reads: “Ice is likely to form on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

“This increases the risk of accidents, as well as injuries from slips and falls.”

While the chief forecaster added: “Ice is likely to form where untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths are left wet after snow melts during the day, or partly melted snow refreezes, and where wintry showers occur overnight.”

And this isn’t the end of it.

There will be more frost tomorrow morning, the Met Office warned.

A spokesman said: “Obviously things are improving – the worst conditions are out of the way in terms of snow although we’re looking at some chilly nights ahead.”There will be some widespread frosts and temperatures could get down as low as -8C in north western parts of the UK over night.

“The winds are turning around in to a northerly cutting off that very cold air so things are becoming less cold and less windy.

“In the next couple of days most places are going to be quieter and it could become fairly mild by Wednesday.”