Soldiers From Prince Harry’s Old Regiment Chucked Out Of Wetherspoons

FOUR members of the Household Cavalry were reportedly turfed out of their local boozer after being caught doing lines of cocaine in the gents’ loos.

The King and Castle in Windsor, just yards from where Prince Harry will wed Meghan Markle in May, is said to be a favourite haunt of the Army’s most senior regiment.

The scandalous squaddies have now been banned for life, said a Wetherspoons spokesman, just two months before the Household Cavalry, which includes the Blues and Royals, are to guard Harry’s wedding.

The shamed off-duty servicemen were in a 20-strong group of soldiers on a raucous night out on Tuesday.

After the four soldiers were reported by their squadron corporal major and sent for drugs tests by senior officers, all troops were then summoned to Windsor’s Combermere Barracks for a dressing down.

Top brass are now said to be demanding drug testing for at least 300 of the elite troops, according to the Sun.

A Wetherspoons spokesman said: “We can confirm four men were asked to leave the pub on suspicion of taking drugs in the men’s cubicles.

“We cannot confirm that they were soldiers but the four men who were asked to leave have been barred permanently.”

The Ministry of Defence said that ”those who fall short of the Army’s high standards” could be sacked.