Stacey Solomon opens up about horrific 72-hour labour in which her son was PULLED OUT

Stacey Solomon has opened up about her 72-labour that she felt ‘utterly unprepared for’, in which her son was pulled out and she ended up covered in sick.

She revealed she was “17 and naive” when she first found out she was pregnant and was “scared from the start”.

And she’s now revealed that giving birth to her first son Zachary was “one of the most horrendous experiences of my life”.

Writing in her Fabulous magazine column, Stacey said: “Zachary’s birth was a gruelling 72 hours of what I can only describe as utter hell.

“I don’t want to scare anyone about to give birth, this was just my experience and lots of women have completely different experiences.

“But I had never encountered pain like that of a contraction.”

Stacey revealed that she was told my midwives that she was having long and regular contractions but was actually “dilating at the speed of a sloth”.

In the end, Doctors were forced to intervene. She was prepped for theatre and given an epidural, but two emergency caesareans were prioritised.

She continued: “The anaesthetist was unavailable for any top-ups and they would have to manually PULL this baby out.

“As alarming as that sounds, by this point I would have let them do absolutely anything. I was exhausted and sick and just wanted it all to end!

“First they cut me and they were about to use a giant pair of what I can only describe as BBQ tongs (forceps) before my mum – who had stepped in to be my birthing partner – put her foot down and said “Don’t use those!

Stacey then revealed that in the end they pulled Zachary out with their hands, but said it was all worth it in the end.