Teen Dad-To-Be Bleeds To Death After Being Brutally Savaged By 8 Stray Dogs

A teenage dad-to-be was savaged to death by a pack of stray dogs – before the same animals left a young woman fighting for her life just hours later. Oleg Shushunov, 18, died from blood loss after being set upon by at least eight ferocious dogs, with his cries for help going unanswered as he was bitten “dozens” of times. Friends said his girlfriend was expecting a baby and spoke of their shock that he is “gone”.

In a separate incident, just four hours later in Kursakovo village in Russia’s Moscow region, the pack attacked a 24-year-old woman. Mum-of-one Kristina Rostova suffered horrific bites to her head and face, with half her hair ripped out and one ear wrenched off by a dog’s teeth. The brutal attack on Oleg happened at around midnight as he was walking to a friend’s house 52 miles west of Moscow. Tragically, no-one heard his screams for help.

A horrific picture shows the decorator’s savaged body lying in the snow , his clothes ripped to shreds, as the incident was caught on CCTV. A local source said: “CCTV cameras footage was taken away by police. The cameras were at a local café and it is clear how the young man was attacked by stray dogs. The café was closed at the time so no-one was in the streets. Nobody heard his cries for help”.