Teenager said he had 16 mouths to feed after being caught stealing from Tesco

A teenager told officials that he had 16 mouths to feed when he was caught shoplifting in Tesco.

Marius Stanica, 19, left his family to travel sixty miles to Suffolk from his home in Canning Town, East London, in a bid to carry out the theft.

However he was caught before he could flee with nearly £400 worth of Aptamil baby formula milk, clothes and food, in February.

Ipswich magistrates heard he was spotted trying to wheel out the trolley load by hiding everything under a few multi-pack bags of salt and vinegar crisps.

A second man fled before staff could catch him, but Stanica was held until police arrived.

He told the astonished store manager he had ‘sixteen mouths to feed’ when he was asked why he had stolen such a large amount of baby formula.

He offered to pay for the goods with his aunt’s card, but payment was refused by the store and he was arrested.

However in court he escaped a prison sentence, instead being handed 100 hours of unpaid work.

Stanica, described as an unemployed Romanian national, was also told to pay £135 court costs.

No details were given about the sixteen mouths he claimed to be feeding, or whether the babies are his or someone else’s.