Tons Of Gold Fall From The Sky As Russian Cargo Plane Malfunctions On Take-Off

Tons of gold have fallen out of the sky in Russia after a cargo plane malfunctioned in mid-air.

The aircraft was carrying £265m worth of platinum, gold and diamonds when the hatch flew open – sending the precious metals plummeting back to earth.

According to the TASS news agency, Russian authorities have recovered more than 170 gold bars weighing 20kg each.

The plane was travelling from Yakutsk Airport – a major diamond-producing region – to Krasnoyarsk.

However, the Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo aircraft made an emergency landing in Magan after it began haemorrhaging valuables.

Reports suggest some bars of gold were scattered up to 15 miles away from the airport.

echnical engineers who worked on the plane prior to take-off are reportedly going to be questioned by police.