VIDEO: Self-Driving Uber Footage Shows Moment It Hit Woman Crossing The Road

Footage has been released showing the moment that a self-driving car hit a pedestrian as she crossed a road with her bike at night.

Elaine Herzberg was hit by the car in Tempe, Arizona, while the vehicle was in autonomous mode.

Footage shows the moment she was hit by the car and what the driver is doing before the impact.

Rafaela Vasquez, who was supposed to be the safety driver, should have taken control in case anything went wrong.

However, the footage shows that she was distracted until a fraction of a second before the collision.

Professor Raj Rajkumar, an expert on self-driving cars said: ‘The sensors should have detected the pedestrian in this case; the cameras were likely useless but both the radars and the Lidar must have picked up the pedestrian.