Woman Glassed Man In Furious Rage After He Turned Down Her Advances

A WOMAN has been slapped with a £2,000 fine after smashing a wine glass over a man’s head when he rejected her advances at a bar.

Sarah Brown, 27, flew into rage when the dark-haired stranger turned his back on her after she tried to get his attention – with the young estate agent then unleashing the “vicious and unprovoked” attack.

A court heard that the woman had been drinking wine at the Rock and Fountain pub in Skewen, near Neath, South Wales, in January this year when she spotted the 20-year-old man.

The 27-year-old then tried pulling on his jumper to get his attention. But when he turned away from her, she smashed the glass over his head twice.

Judge Paul Thomas QC slammed the young woman in Swansea Crown Court, saying: “This was a vicious, unprovoked glassing of a stranger in a pub.

“To hit anyone with a glass is a serious offence because of the damage it can do, and always crosses the custody threshold.”

The man suffered a V-shaped wound to the side of his head and was rushed to hospital where he was treated with six stitches.

“Hard-working and successful” estate agent Brown was spared jailed after admitting to anger management and alcohol problems.

John Hipkin, defending, said: “She has no explanation for what happened other than the alcohol.

“She recognises she has issues with alcohol and anger management that now need to be addressed.”

Brown, of Neath, South Wales, had admitted to inflicting grievous bodily harm and possessing an offensive weapon.