Woman ‘who emptied stone from her SHOE’ on the street ‘litter warden tried to fine her £75’

A woman was allegedly followed by a litter warden for 10 minutes demanding that she accept a £75 fine after she had ’emptied her shoe in the street’.

In an undercover investigation earlier this month, a reporter from ITV Wales’ current affairs programme Y Byd ar Bedwar patrolled Anglesey for a week with officers from Kingdom Services Group.

The enforcement firm are contracted by local councils to crackdown on littering – but the reporter has described a particular incident she says she witnessed that made her feel uncomfortable.

A Kingdom officer allegedly followed a woman with two young children, claiming that a piece of her insole had dropped onto the floor after she was seen taking her shoe off in the street.

The woman was reportedly forced to take sanctuary in a friend’s house, and in the end no fine was issued.

According to Y Byd ar Bedwar’s undercover reporter, who wore covert filming equipment: “The lady just took her shoe off and emptied it. It could have been anything, a stone a leaf – I didn’t see it as being fair.

“We were in a car following her, watching her and she didn’t know we were doing that- I didn’t feel comfortable with that, I wasn’t comfortable at all.”

The company’s enforcement officers can hand anyone caught littering, breaking parking regulations or allowing their dog to foul in a public area a £75 fine.