Zoë Ball Gives Her First Detailed Interview About Her Late Boyfriend’s Suicide

Zoë Ball has opened up about her late boyfriend Billy Yates in her most intimate interview since his death.

The Radio 2 presenter, 47, was absolutely devastated after Billy, who she’d began dating in October 2016, committed suicide last May.

She recently completed a charity bike ride for Sport Relief to raise awareness for mental health, and has now candidly spoken out about what happened last May.

Speaking to Radio Times ahead of a BBC documentary, Zoë revealed how she is still left contemplating whether she could have done more to help him.

She said: “Even now I sometimes think, ‘I’m a resourceful woman, I’m a bright woman… Why could I not save him?’

“And then I have to stop and say, ‘Everyone who loved him knew. None of us found an answer, none of us saved him.’ To move forward you have to accept that. Which is very difficult.”

She also admitted that when she met Billy, he’d already been suffering with depression for a long time, adding that she “didn’t know how to help.”

She told the publication: “I knew he had lived with depression for a long time, but he was a big strong guy.

“He did the Iron Man, he loved cycling 50 miles a day, he was the life and soul of the party when he was on the crew. He was so much fun.

“To see a man like that ­crumble under the pressure was heartbreaking to watch.”