BBC star quits and announces news live on air

BBC Breakfast┬ápresenter Louise Minchin has announced she’s leaving BBC Breakfast after 20 years.

The 52-year-old British journalist has been a regular anchor on the BBC One programme Breakfast for two decades, co-hosting the show three days a week with Dan Walker.

Confirming the news during Tuesday’s show, Lousie told viewers watching at home: “I’m just going to take a deep breath for this.

“So everybody, something I just wanted to tell you about. It will be this year 20 years since I first presented this programme and since then I’ve felt like part of a huge enormous BBC Breakfast family, which includes everyone who works here.”

She continued: “Everyone on the team and everyone of you who watches the programme. I’ve loved being part of it but. There is a but.

“I have decided that it is time that I stop setting my alarm for 3:40 in the morning and I am going to be leaving the programme.”

Louise first presented the show in 2001 and moved with the famous red sofa to Media City in Salford as a lead presenter in 2012.