British man arrested at Ibiza airport after attacking girlfriend  

A British holidaymaker was arrested after allegedly smashing his partner over the head with a bottle at Ibiza Airport.

The 26-year-old was held at the door to the Ibiza Airport terminal after members of a flight crew leaving the area alerted police to the attack at midnight on June 11.

The incident happened minutes after the couple reached the holiday island on a late-night flight from the UK.

Local reports said police found the assault victim injured on the floor with her belongings scattered on the ground when they reached the scene.

A Civil Guard spokesman confirmed: ‘We took a 26-year-old British man into custody on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend.

‘Witnesses said they saw him smash a bottle over her head.

‘He adopted an aggressive attitude with police who responded to the alert and had to be overpowered before being handcuffed.’

It was not immediately clear whether the British woman, thought to be 28, had needed hospital treatment and whether she had decided to press charges after her partner was hauled before a judge so he could decide what further action should be taken.

A police source said: ‘The alleged aggressor spent the first night of his holidays in a police cell before being taken to court.’