COVID-19 could cause erectile dysfunction in men who have recovered from the virus

People infected with COVID-19may be likely to suffer long-term health effects from the virus, including erectile dysfunction among men, according to medical experts. 

Infectious disease expert Dr Dena Grayson says there are now fears the disease could affect a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom even after they’ve recovered.

There is some real concern here that men could have long-term issues of erectile dysfunction from this virus because we know that it causes issues in the vasculature,’ Grayson told

NBC Chicago’s LX

this week.

This is something that is of real concern – [it’s] not just that this virus can kill you but can actually cause long-term, lifelong, potentially, complications,’ she added.

Although the majority of people seem to recover from COVID-19, Grayson warned they expect to see more ‘long term negative consequences of infection’, as time goes on, including neurological complications.

Earlier on Saturday, Dr

Anthony Fauci

warned the country should brace itself for ‘surge upon surge’ of COVID cases, after millions of people traveled during


and records were shattered across the nation. 

He said Thanksgiving travel had made it more likely that the country would require temporary ‘drastic’ and ‘draconian’ measures – such as shutdowns or the suspension of elective procedures – to protect the nation’s health care system.

He said that the US was facing a ‘surge upon a surge’ of cases that will likely continue to mount.

The extent of the Thanksgiving-related surge won’t fully be known until almost Christmas – when yet another surge of cases may again start, said Fauci.