First picture of ‘ticking time bomb’ woman who killed Emily Jones, 7, in park

THIS is the first picture of seven-year-old Emily Jones’ killer — who faked being a trafficking victim so she could stay in Britain.

Eltiona Skana’s lies meant she was free to roam the streets, despite her being a recognised threat to children.

The paranoid schizophrenic, 30, grabbed Emily as the little girl rode past on a scooter in a park, and slashed her throat with a craft knife.

It emerged yesterday that medical staff knew the mentally ill Albanian could harm youngsters — but those monitoring her in the community were unaware of the danger.

And even after Emily’s killing Skana’s care staff referred to her as “a kind and lovely person”.

But Emily’s dad, Mark, called for those who left Skana free to kill to be sacked.

He described his daughter’s killer as a “ticking time bomb”.

Law firm manager Mark, 49, added: “The coward murdered my child. I personally think she is a threat to the public and I want her to spend all her days in prison.”

Skana entered the UK illegally in 2014 in the back of a lorry and applied for asylum, claiming to be a trafficking victim. 

The Home Office rejected her claim but, after an appeal, reversed its decision, later granting her leave to remain until December 2024.

But in court, it emerged that Skana admitted to doctors her trafficking victim claim was a lie.

It was far from clear if this information was ever passed on to immigration authorities, her trial at Manchester’s Minshull Street crown court was told.

In July 2015, Skana was sectioned after she wielded a knife against her neighbours. She was discharged but arrested two years later for attacking her mother.