A rampaging monitor lizard shocked supermarket workers in Thailand when he rain inside their store and climbed on top of some shelves.

The 6ft long reptile emerged from a nearby canal and ran into a 7-Eleven store on the outskirts of Bangkok on Tuesday.

It managed to climb up shelves in a corner, knocking several items to the floor in the process, before settling on top.

A few people in the store can be heard screaming in footage of the incident, as staff and customers hid behind the counter.

At first he appears to be trying to open a fridge door, but after raising a tentative claw at the glass, he instead opts to skillfully climb up the shelving – where he is thought to have stayed for a whole hour.

In the footage, he eventually settles near some sort of unit on the wall and close to the lights on the ceiling, with his tongue continually forking out to ‘taste’ the air. In the wild, the animals can climb trees if they are afraid.

A worried assistant at the Nakhon Pathom shop called the police who arrived with reptile handlers to snare the lizard shortly after lunchtime.

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