Girl, 4, found hanging out of window is such a danger mum fears she’ll harm herself

A little girl suffers from such complex behavioural issues that her mum fears she’ll end up harming herself.

Mila-Rose Busby, from Clydebank, who also has developmental delay and suspected autism, has flooded the family house one night – putting her at risk of drowning, and has even climbed up to the window where she hung outside until police were called.

Her behavioural issues manifest at night meaning her family rarely enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep so they are now fundraising to pay for a specialist bed for Mila-Rose that will cost almost £5,000.

Buying the bed means Mila-Rose will have a safe space to sleep in which will put her family’s minds at rest during the night while helping to promote a healthy sleeping routine moving forward.

Mila-Rose’s desperate mum Gayle said, “Mila-Rose is an extreme danger to herself. She has no limitations and is very active and agile.

“She likes to squeeze into tight spaces, escape and sometimes gets stuck, particularly during the night. I can’t get to sleep because I’m worried about her hurting herself.

Gayle continued: “If she can get into the bathroom then she’ll flood the house and once when she was staying away from home with family she broke out of the house and the police brought her home. It’s awful.”

Sespite taking prescribed medication to help her sleep, Mila-Rose often fails to drop off until 2am or 3am and she will regularly wake up in the middle of the night.

The tot also bangs her head against hard surfaces.

Gayle said she’s been told statutory service delays means there is a long wait to get the specialist bed that will enable Mila-Rose and her family to have a peaceful nights sleep.