Horrific scenes as 6 hurt including children after fireworks strike crowd

At least six individuals, including children, sustained injuries when a firework unexpectedly detonated into a crowd in England.

Approximately 3,000 people had gathered at the Stone SP Cricket Club field in Staffordshire, located about 60 miles south of Manchester, to witness the fireworks display when the fireworks deviated from their intended path, as reported by Strokes Sentinel.

Michael Jones, who attended the event, recounted how a firework zoomed past his family, striking the family standing adjacent to them. The explosion came perilously close to his child, whose coat was scorched.

“It struck the family standing right beside us. We felt the heat as it came towards us,” he told Strokes Sentinel.

Roxanne Martindale, another attendee, described the need to swiftly move her daughter out of harm’s way as a firework hurtled in their direction.

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