Online shoppers fear their personal information is being sold on eBay after mystery sellers have been flogging undelivered parcels still in their packaging.

A number of people have expressed alarm after seeing listings on the auction website which show sellers asking for up to £140 per bundle of items, including anything from electricals to jewellery.

The adverts show pictures of parcels laid out on the floor, with some descriptions claiming customer data has only been removed ‘where possible’ and others admitting they haven’t even opened the mail.

Shoppers worry their personal details be inside on receipts, or order information print-outs that accompany the items.

Kris Ford, who is from Essex and runs a consumer support group, said: ‘[The listings are] frightening to see. The fact people’s personal information can be passed over like this without any real thought is disgusting.

‘The likes of the sellers and Hermes and Royal Mail should make sure those sorts of details are removed from the parcels before they’re handed to any third party.’

Some images show where the seller has scrawled black pen across addresses on the packaging or torn off the labels – but others appear to still have labels on them or even still have the addresses readable under the pen.

Jane Dawson, from Dagenham in London, added: ‘It’s really worrying. If these items really are undelivered how do you know people’s details and invoices aren’t in there as well.”

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