Husband’s emotional note for his late wife on ‘their bench’ goes viral

It’s often quite easy to skim over or miss a sweet tribute on a bench, but one devoted husband has reminded people why they shouldn’t after he shared the sweet story behind one in Essex.

The heartwarming tale features couple Brian and Kay Holmes, who went on their first date almost 22 years ago, where they enjoyed battered sausages, chips and a can of coke.

The lovestruck couple created a beautiful life – with a 14-year marriage, big family and plenty of laughter, Essex Live reports. 

But Kay, 53, sadly died on January 21 this year – after being diagnosed with stage 4 terminal bone cancer in 2014, following a lump being found in her breast.

Now heartbroken Brian has left an emotional tribute to the devoted mum at the bench where they enjoyed their final date last November – with sausages and chips naturally.

“We used to sit on the benches and she said to scatter some of her ashes where we would have battered sausage and chips and a can of coke,” Brian, 54, said.

“I planned it and said to the kids I was going to start the scattering on our anniversary, June 21, and one of the places she wanted to go was Epping bench as well as Greenacre, Walton-on-the-Naze, Bournemouth, where we planned to retire, and finish at Southend, where we had our first date.”

On the bench in Epping, just opposite the Immaculate Conception Church, Brian also decided to attach a note on June 21, the couple’s anniversary – paying tribute to Kay.

The sweet note says: “This heart is for my wife, mummy and best friend who lost her battle to cancer and the rest of the people who lost their battle.”

Brian said: “We used to sit there laughing at people and people watching. She would come out with the silliest things and I’d think ‘Where did that come from?”

“When I look back on all our memories together, everyone just says she was laughing,” he added. “I can always hear that funny laugh.

“Everyone just admired her, she never complained about anything.”

Despite her initial diagnosis in 2013, Kay laughed her way through the next few years, Brian says – as she always sought to put their children first.

The couple married in 2007 and joined their families together, both with children from previous relationships.

All five of their children, Charlotte, 33, Becky, 28, Bradley, 26, Amy, 24 and Nicole, 16, were Kay’s entire world, Brian said.

The mum always wanted to get through Christmas Day, her birthday, and Nicole’s birthday on December 29.

Despite Kay feeling unwell in the day, the dedicated husband says it was the “perfect Christmas.”

“I said we are not opening anything yet, it’s got to be done when mum comes down we will,” he added.

“Kay couldn’t make it downstairs and we said that’s fine and had dinner, she said she didn’t want anything and then she said ‘I think I can manage downstairs’ and Christmas night, she sat in the corner and said ‘I just want to listen to you lot laughing’.”