I found £150,000 worth of cash hidden behind a bathroom wall

A CONTRACTOR thought he had hit the jackpot when he found a whopping £150,000 hidden behind a bathroom wall – but it ended up being a nightmare.

Bob Kitts was renovating the bathroom of an old home near Lake Erie, Cleveland when he found two green locked boxes suspended by a wire below the medicine cabinet.

Inside he found envelopes with a return address for the P. Dunne News Agency.

“I ripped the corner off of one,” Mr Kitts said in a deposition in a lawsuit filed by Mr Dunne’s estate, according to the New York Times.

“I saw a 50 and got a little dizzy.”

It turns out the envelopes contained £124,000 and a cardboard box had another £26,000.

But the discovery of the rare late-1920s bills turned into a living nightmare for Mr Kitts as he and the homeowner, Amanda Reece, couldn’t decide on how to split the money.

She offered to give him 10 per cent of the cash, but he wanted 40 per cent – and things soon became difficult.

The Dunne estate also later sued, with 21 heirs claiming the rights to the money.

Yet there wasn’t much left to claim.