ITV to air 2 and half hours of soaps on Thursday

Soap schedules are continuing to change this week as coverage surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II remains top priority for the channels.

Her Majesty died peacefully on Thursday, September 8 at the age of 96, after an incredible 70 year reign.

The BBC and ITV suspended its regular programming from lunchtime on the day in question, when it was announced that there were concerns about her health.

Coverage continued throughout the day on BBC One and ITV, before news broke at 6.30pm that The Queen had died.

TV schedules were then altered significantly following the monarch’s death, with soaps like EastEnders and Emmerdale being pulled from air.

Tomorrow night (September 15), as Emmerdale and Coronation Street remain behind in their schedules, multiple episodes of both soaps will air, totalling two and a half hours.

Due to the National Television Awards being rescheduled, three episodes of Emmerdale will be broadcast from 7:30pm – which were originally due to air on Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and this evening (September 14).

Straight after, at 9pm, an hour-long episode of Coronation Street will be broadcasted – also the episode originally set to air tonight.