Kate Garraway confirms dash to hospital over fears of heart attack

Kate Garraway found herself rushed to the hospital last year due to concerns of a potential heart attack. The Good Morning Britain presenter, aged 56, who has been dedicatedly caring for her husband Derek Draper for over three years following his near-fatal battle with Covid, recounted a frightening episode in November 2022 when she woke up with intense chest pain.

Despite the discomfort, she pressed on to work but had to pull over her car due to a bout of sickness. In her upcoming book, “The Strength of Love,” she described the sensation as a searing pain in her chest, almost like someone gripping her heart through her breastbone. She admitted that the pain had been persistent but temporarily masked by her temporary paralysis.

Kate’s distress escalated as nausea overwhelmed her, leading her to stop by the roadside to vomit. She later returned to the car, the chest pain intensifying and spreading to her neck and jaw. Upon reaching the studios, she immediately went to her dressing room and collapsed on her sofa.

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Kate reached out to ITV’s daytime TV doctor, Dr. Hilary, who advised her to seek medical attention. Although she declined an ambulance arranged by her show’s staff, she made her way to a nearby accident and emergency department accompanied by a junior producer.

Thankfully, doctors ruled out a heart attack, but they emphasized the importance of Kate taking better care of herself, considering the immense stress of caring for her husband Derek.

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