Kate Garraway reveals heartbreaking update on husband Derek’s health

Kate Garraway has disclosed a distressing new complication in her husband’s battle with long Covid.

Derek Draper has required constant care since being hospitalized with the virus in 2020. Although he has made some progress since emerging from his coma, his ability to communicate remains limited to occasional few words. He continues to grapple with renal failure, infected wounds, and, most alarmingly, severe lung issues. Derek struggles to effectively inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, leaving his body in a state of constant distress.

Kate emphasized the urgent need for rehabilitation to restore Derek’s ability to breathe properly. She shared a frightening incident where he experienced an inexplicable “weird choking” condition that has left doctors puzzled. Recounting the incident, she said, “It happened again just last weekend. For absolutely no reason he just went blue.” Thankfully, two caregivers were present to assist Derek in resuming normal breathing, while Kate and her son watched in shock. Ultimately, he “sort of vomited,” marking a close call narrowly averted by the caregivers.

The family had been encouraged by signs of Derek’s improvement when he returned home after an extended hospitalization. They celebrated milestones such as their daughter’s GCSEs, attended an Elton John concert, and witnessed Kate receiving an MBE. However, Derek still faces a lengthy recovery journey, with Kate expressing concerns that their children may increasingly have to take on caregiving roles. Derek’s incontinence necessitates regular care, and any progress he had made in relearning how to walk was setback when he was rushed to the hospital with sepsis. Consequently, Kate described her husband as “terribly, terribly depressed.”

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