Mum, 20, killed by washing machine as she puts hand in to retrieve her clothes

A 20-year-old mum suffered a fatal electric shock when she put her hand in a washing machine thinking her load had finished. 

Viviane Rodrigues was putting on a wash at her home in Juazeiro, north-east Brazil, this week. 

Investigators said she suffered a massive shock when she put her hand in the machine while it was still running to retrieve some items of clothing.

Her husband rushed her to the local hospital emergency unit, but Mrs Rodrigues – mother to a nine-month-old son – was declared dead on arrival.

Following an autopsy, her body was taken to the rural community of Gameleira do Di in the municipality of Campo Formoso, where her family lives.

She was buried in Gameleira do Di on 16th June. She leaves behind a husband and a baby son.