Piers Morgan has taken aim at Meghan Markle once again after her complaint to ITV got him kicked off Good Morning Britain.

A now jobless Piers will be speaking about his latest downfall in a tell-all chat with right-wing controversialist Tucker Carlson on Fox Nation on Monday night.

And in the latest plug for the bombshell interview, Piers had another pop at Meghan as he riffed on her now-famous quote and promised to tell his own truth.

Quote-tweeting a news story about the upcoming interview, Piers wrote: “Time for America to hear MY truth….”

But fans were quick to puncture his over-inflated ego, with one telling him: “No offense Piers, but I don’t think America cares about your drama.”

Another wrote: “Not THE truth, YOUR truth. You summed it up brilliantly.”

And a third quipped: “It will be a first truth ever on a Tucker Carlson show.”

Piers has so far broken his silence about Meghan and Prince Harry’s Oprah interview in a half-hour rant on GMB, watched by several million people; in a 7,000-word essay for the Mail on Sunday, and in multiple tweets, Instagram posts and snarky messages to pals, so it’s unclear what more he’ll be saying on Monday evening.

His Tucker chat is billed as a one-hour extravaganza about freedom of speech, which will air in the US at 9pm UK time.

In a teaser trailer for the interview, Tucker tells the camera: “So, Piers Morgan was banished from television for asking a simple question: how is it that the most privileged people in our society get away with posing as the most oppressed?”

“And for asking that, of course they crushed him, they took his job away. On Monday we will speak to Piers Morgan for his first on camera interview since he was cancelled.”

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