Piers Morgan has described BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker as a ‘nasty piece of work fighting to get out’, adding even more fuel to their rivalry following his exit from Good Morning Britain.

Over the years, Piers, 56, and Dan, 44, have used their platforms on their respective news programmes to take very public swipes at each other on a regular basis, their feud intensifying with every cutting exchange.

When it was announced that Piers had quit ITV’s GMB following his criticisms of Meghan Markle’s Oprah Winfrey interview, Dan took the opportunity to rinse his competitor, tweeting: ‘Sorry to hear the news about your departure from GMB @piersmorgan. If you’d like to come on the UK’s number 1 breakfast show to talk about it… we could make some space for you in the morning.’

Dan later spoke out about their ‘friendly rivalry’ to The Times, telling the publication: ‘He likes to throw a few insults around, but underneath all the froth I think there is a decent bloke fighting to get out.’

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