Police confirm ‘enquiries ongoing’ after Heart Radio presenter is beaten up by four thugs in London

Police investigating a brutal assault on Heart Radio presenter Yasmin Evans have confirmed that they are continuing to look into the incident.

The 31-year-old presenter was punched, kicked and even ‘knocked out cold twice’ by four men in a horrific assault while she was in the Liverpool Street area of London on Friday night.

Yasmin revealed how she rejected one’s advances when he grabbed her arm, prompting the thug and his friends to pile on the star and another person she was with.

Sharing an update on the case, a spokesperson for the City of London police told Metro.co.uk in a brief statement: ‘Officers were called to reports of an assault on Bishopsgate, City of London, at 1:09am on 28 May 2022. Enquiries are ongoing.’

The former BBC 1Xtra DJ shared details of her harrowing ordeal soon after the incident in her Instagram stories.

She explained: ‘Three black guys and a guy who was mixed race all punched and kicked me while I was on the ground.

Knocked me out twice whilst saying “just because you’re a women [sic] doesn’t mean I won’t f**k you up”.’

Yasmin revealed how the man who she rejected proceeded to ‘punch [her] in the face’. She was reportedly hit with such force that it ‘knocked me out cold twice along with the person I was with’.

She continued: ‘I’ve called the police but if anyone was on Liverpool Street and saw anything please contact me… Like I said one mixed race guy, three black guys one of them with short dreads tied back in a bobble that were dipped dyed blonde. I would appreciate your help at around 1:00am in London.’

Despite her injuries, Yasmin returned to work like a trooper and presenting her Heart Radio show on Sunday afternoon before hosting a screening of Tom Hanks’ new movie Elvis.